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Projects are initiated for a variety of reasons such as a new business opportunity, a technological advance, a customer need, a new regulatory standard, a legal requirement or a special interest to the sponsoring organization.

Project management refers to the principles used to create a tailored framework to successfully deliver any project, in any geographic location, from within any industry.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® are certified practitioners who are globally recognized for their expertise in the application of project management principles and processes.

Project Examples & Definitions

  • Installation of a COTS electronic timekeeping system

  • Construction of a new wing or unit in a hospital

  • Expansion of an Aesthetic Center onto a hospital facility

  • Adding a new provider to the organization

  • Adding a new service line

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems are customizable hardware and software products available directly to the consumer e.g. electronic healthcare record (EHR) systems, corporate servers, bookkeeping software, etc.

Project Manager is the individual tasked with leading, directing, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing all aspects of the project to ensure a successful on-time and on-budget delivery of the project.

Project Team is a group of individuals usually from diverse professional backgrounds and most commonly employed by external organizations who have been brought together to create and deliver the project.

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