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HPMTGA offers its clients niche-driven project management solutions!

  • Commercial off-the-shelf COTS Software Implementations

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementations

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Medical Facility Procurements

  • New Medical Service Line Integrations

  • Operations & Revenue Cycle Projects

  • Payroll System Conversions

  • Process Improvement Projects

  • Project Performance Reviews

  • Server and Workstation Refresh Programs

  • Supply Chain Management Initiatives

  • Website Redesigns

A little-known fact is most program management organizations (PMO’s) are government-centric entities specializing in national defense, life sciences or information technology industries and not the healthcare industry.

HPMTGA fills this void as it is a project based organization (PBO) specializing in the development, training and implementation of tailored project management solutions for healthcare, private and government organizations.  

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