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Healthcare projects are unique as they require a complex combination of clinical, administrative, managerial, technical, virtual, and financial expertise.

More often than not, existing organizations who desire to expand, acquire, pursue, relocate or seek new opportunity projects will assign said projects to the senior manager or highest-ranking member of the team who possesses little to no formal project management training with the expectation of delivering a high-quality product, service or result.   

This type of scenario unfortunately exemplifies the “penny wise and a dollar foolish” methodology as it can lead to disastrous and unanticipated results.

How?”, might you ask:

  1. The staff turnover rate can intensify due to the added workload, job dissatisfaction and stress levels

  2. Financial losses will rapidly accelerate with the reduction of productivity, lowered morale and overtime costs

  3. The upsurge in project risk can negatively impact the project budget, ultimately compounding the project failure rate exponentially    

Our project management, healthcare operations, revenue cycle management, and physician interaction experts can greatly influence the successful delivery of various types of healthcare related projects with minimal disruption to daily operations and corporate productivity.

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