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Making Notes

PMIIAA legislation enacted into law by President Barack Obama on 12/14/2016


PMIAA Highlights

  • Establishes a formal career path for all government program and project management personnel

  • Orders the development of a specific job category for project managers

  • Requires all federal government agencies collaborate, engage and adopt widely-accepted private sector program management best practices and standards

  • Mandates key qualifications, skills and competencies be identified for all agency program and project management personnel to enhance training and educational opportunities

  • Training & educational opportunities must include:

    • Training in the relevant competencies encompassed with program and project managers within the private sector for program managers

    • Training that emphasizes cost containment for large projects and programs

    • Mentoring of current and future program managers by experienced senior executives and program managers within each agency

    • Improved career paths and career opportunities for program managers

    • A plan to encourage the recruitment and retention of highly qualified individuals to serve as program managers

    • Improved means of collecting and disseminating best practices and lessons learned to enhance program management across each agency

    • Utilize common templates and tools to support improved data gathering and analysis for program management and oversight purposes

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