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HPMTGA collaborates with government contracting, private sector and health insurance organizations seeking PMP® certified healthcare professionals when pursuing new business opportunities or government contracts.

Government and private organizations employ Project Management Professional PMP® certificate holders for their globally recognized expertise in successfully delivering completed projects within any industry and in any geographic location.


Project Management Professional PMP® certificate holders are scarce in the healthcare industry for a number of reasons: ​

  • Operations vs Project Driven Industry- Healthcare is operationally driven not project driven  

  • Internally Managed Projects- Most healthcare projects are managed internally and concurrently by physicians, clinicians and healthcare professionals

  • Project Management Assumptions- Physicians, clinicians and senior level healthcare professionals feel they have the necessary operational, administrative, managerial, technical, virtual, or necessary clinical expertise to deliver a successful healthcare project with little to no formal project management training

  • Exam Prerequisites- Stringent educational and project management experience requirements  

  • Exam Difficulty- The PMP certification is unlike any other certification as it tests each aspirant’s project management knowledge, experience and skills in bringing projects to successful completion

  • Time & Commitment- Completion of formal project management training and exam preparation can range from a few months to a few years depending on the student

  • Formal Project Management Training Costs- National and international schools offer a variety a project management programs with prices ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars

  • Coursework Quality- The course material quality can vary due to a myriad of project management educational options

For these reasons, America’s large-scale healthcare projects are routinely being led by certified and non-certified Project Managers with Software Development, Programming, Computer Science or other project-driven expertise from within the Information Technology or government industries with little to no healthcare experience.

This is where HPMTGA differs from all other organizations. Beginning with our Chief Program Officer, a certified Project Management Professional PMP® with over two decades of project management, healthcare operations, revenue cycle management, and certification training expertise transcending into the private, academic, government and healthcare industries.

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