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Project Management: The missing link to America’s healthcare system


Arlington, VA, October 2, 2017– Healthcare Project Management & Training Group of America (HPMTGA), a new American healthcare ally, emerges from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with the mission of “Changing healthcare one project at a time!” 

Currently, America’s large-scale healthcare projects are routinely being led by certified and non-certified Project Managers employed by government-centric entities specializing in national defense, life sciences or information technology industries and not the healthcare industry.

For example, let’s discuss the Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Project, sponsored by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs valued at $543 million dollars, scheduled to take place over the course of five years and affecting 152 medical centers and seven pharmacies nationwide.  The project began in 2012, but unfortunately it has been plagued with equipment failures, quality of care issues, and unintentional illness exposure to hundreds of patients.

The awarded contract went to a government IT program management contractor and a healthcare performance organization. Interestingly enough, when visiting the healthcare performance organization’s website, it seems the sole project management and technical services executive is suffering from two deficiencies:

  1. No apparent project management certification

  2. Lack of apparent healthcare operational experience

We did not confirm this professional’s involvement with the RTLS project, our intent with this example was simply to highlight and emphasize the scarcity of certified healthcare project managers in the healthcare industry and how it led to the formation of America’s newest healthcare ally!

                                                                           How is this new ally any different?

Healthcare Project Management & Training Group of America (HPMTGA), fills this void as it is a project based organization specializing in the development, training and implementation of tailored project management frameworks for the American healthcare system.

                                                                      The “X” factor, our Chief Program Officer!

J. Gomez, is a Project Management Professional PMP® with over 20 years of healthcare management and technical training experience in clinical, non-clinical, vocational, academic, and corporate teaching environments. ​ His passion and determination for delivering high-quality outcomes, has transcended across the healthcare and government industries.  As of this day, he still holds a perfect pass rate when preparing his students for a variety of certifications to include project management, medical office administration, medical billing and medical coding exams.

When asked about this statistic, he responded with “All students should be commended and rewarded for their pursuit in additional education or training. My responsibility as their Instructor, is to facilitate their learning by providing them with relative and current information, sharing my experiences and establishing a conducive learning environment. One that conveys mutual respect for the Instructor, the student, the coursework, and for the certification the student hopes to attain.”

With this kind of leadership, Healthcare Project Management & Training Group of America intends on becoming the nation’s premier healthcare project management and training organization entrusted with aiding America’s healthcare system into the 21st century.  

Healthcare Project Management & Training Group of America (HPMTGA) was formed and is located in the popular Ballston Common neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia a suburb of Washington, D.C. We can be reached at (202) 688 – 5502 or through our website

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